Trop Rock 101

Episode #003 - Brendan Mayer

June 24, 2020

Enjoy Episode #3 of the Trop Rock 101 Podcast featuring Brendan Mayer.

Singer/Songwriter Brendan Mayer has been a part of the Parrot Head/Trop Rock Community his entire life. His father is Coral Reefer Peter Mayer, so Brendan has spent plenty of time with both talented musicians and dedicated fans. 

As an adult Brendan has performed with The Coral Reefer Band on numerous occasions, toured consistently as a solo artist, and recorded a pair of albums. He's currently in the studio working on his third release. 

Listen in as Brendan talks about finding his place in the Trop Rock Community, working with Mac McAnally, the importance of House Concerts, and much more. 

The Trop Rock 101 Podcast is hosted by Jon Burns and produced by Pirates & Poets.  

Brendan Mayer on Little Flock Music
Brendan Mayer on Spotify
The Coral Reefer Band
Club Trini

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